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Focus or hold out for '13 M3 next year?

What's up everyone,

I bought my '06 M3 i touring back in '08 w/ 27k miles. Been loving it ever since but not loving the gas mileage.

I recently found out the car might have been in an unreported accident (frontal) when I took my car to the shop and they showed me the evidence of the body work and paint job. I replaced the driver-side front wheel bearing about a year ago. Now it seems the suspension is starting to go. (Struts and shocks at least) I'm saving to fix the immediate concern, replacing the struts, but I'm not sure its worth investing thousands into a car I'm not finished paying off.

My question is do you think the late release this year of the 2012 M3 will push back the 'traditional' early spring release of the redesigned '13 M3?

I wanted a car with good mpg and was looking at the '12 Focus, but then Mazda announced the new SKY 40mpg engines. Now I'm deciding between the '12 Focus or holding out for the redesigned '13 M3 next year (I don't like the current styling and I want to see how the SKY-g holds up)

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