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Re: Transmission Fluid Temperature

[quote author=dredman1 link=topic=168086.msg4019282#msg4019282 date=1305063614]
I got an email from Scan Gauge, asking me to test an X-Gauge code for 2005+ Mazdas (see below). It didn't work for me, but I'm not sure if that's because my car is the 1.6L engine.

Try this code out for Transmission Temperature. It will most likely only work if you have an automatic trans, but if you do have manual please give it a shot also.

Transmission Temperature
TXD: 07E12217B3
RXF: 0462051706B3
RXD: 3008
MTH: 005300320000

Thanks for helping us out.

Feel free to try it, and be sure to post back here whether or nor you got it to work on your car.


Thank you! I tried it this morning, and it works. I've been working on-and-off on this for about a year (trying to get the trans temp on the SGII). I knew the car reported trans temp over OBDII because another member on here told me about it, and I confirmed it at a buddy's shop who has a $3,000 laptop-based scanner/code reader, which shows anything and everything that's reported over OBDII.

Some vehicles just flat-out don't report trans temp over OBD (like my F150, which I believe is an older version of PWM, while the Mazda, I believe, is CAN). Newer (2004+) F150s report trans temp over OBDII, but not my 1999. The Mazda does report trans temp over OBDII, just I could never figure out how to program the ScanGauge to retrieve and display the data.

Here's a photo I took this morning. In case you're wondering, AFE is Average Fuel Economy (for that current trip). It's shown under the TRIP menu on the home screen, but you can use the XGAUGE feature to show it on the GAUGE screen.

For reference, I was told that normal operating temperature for all ATXs is between 175F-195F. Since the OEM ATX cooler on North-America-spec ATXs is a tuna can cooled by engine coolant, the temperature shown above is reasonable to me, since that means that the coolest that the ATF can be is the coolant/water temperature, or 198F (at the time the photo was taken). And I just finished my commute, which includes climbing two mountain passes and one very long, uphill on ramp.
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