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possbile new owner

hey all im not sure if this is the right area for this but i need some input. First off im pretty mechanically inclined but with older vehicles.

I'm looking at a 2007 Mazda3 GS with the 2.0L with 53,000 kms (Canadian) seems to be clean, very smooth, has some valve train noise but after searching here it seems normal, the oil dipstick sucks, and after searching here it seems that they have some issues that im not sure i want to deal with, if you guys could let me know if these are items that require attention and maybe even if i should keep looking.

1. oil was low, well i think it was the dipstick sucks, do these cars burn oil or consume oil?
2. valve train noise i searched and read that this is normal but how hard is it to check the valves and do a adjustment?
3. the power steering issue how many cars are affected? and how long does a typical pump last?
4. spun rods and blown engines are these only happening to the 2.3L or guys who are racing them/spirited driving?

all help is greatly appreciated
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