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Re: Any dealer tips/tricks to get the lowest price?

[quote author=AustinPhoenix link=topic=172767.msg3968884#msg3968884 date=1300683795]
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When I bought my new car 2 weeks ago, I knew the price I wanted to pay, I knew what my trade was worth. So then I went to the delaers, wrote my offer, 5 of them wouldn't/couldn't match what I wanted. The 6th was $500 short of my bottom line. I left and went home. 15 minutes later he called me and said they would do the deal. I went back, got the car. right now Mazda Canada has 0% financing, couldn't beat that. I could have got $500 for paying cash but I can invest the cash and make more than $500 on the cash. So...when you walk and they dont follow you or call you, increase your offer by $200 and do the rounds again. They wont get pissed, they just want to sell you a car. Then when you get their lowest price you can be a real hard baller and negotiate the price of options when you sign on the dotted line, I know, I did it and I'm a 60 year old fart lol!!!

Definitely some good ideas on any negotiating. My Credit Union tried to get me to use a co-signer (which would mean another member) and I set a solid argument (they never asked for one on any other loan of equal or lesser amount) and then stated that each dealer offered to match the rate they gave me (2.9%). I told them all no because I wanted to do my business with my CU. I asked the Loan Approval Manager "Are you telling me that I need to reconsider their offer?" She got offline with me to reevaluate my application. I left the office and told them to call me.

As soon as I got on the road my phone rang. Full approval with better rates.

Have you tried using or a similar site that gives a guaranteed price then links you to the nearest dealers who will honor that price! It's worth a shot to see if you can beat the prices you've already seen...

Just curious, what body style, trim level and options are you looking for?
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