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Re: Any dealer tips/tricks to get the lowest price?

When I bought my new car 2 weeks ago, I knew the price I wanted to pay, I knew what my trade was worth. So then I went to the delaers, wrote my offer, 5 of them wouldn't/couldn't match what I wanted. The 6th was $500 short of my bottom line. I left and went home. 15 minutes later he called me and said they would do the deal. I went back, got the car. right now Mazda Canada has 0% financing, couldn't beat that. I could have got $500 for paying cash but I can invest the cash and make more than $500 on the cash. So...when you walk and they dont follow you or call you, increase your offer by $200 and do the rounds again. They wont get pissed, they just want to sell you a car. Then when you get their lowest price you can be a real hard baller and negotiate the price of options when you sign on the dotted line, I know, I did it and I'm a 60 year old fart lol!!!

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