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L.E.D. Turn signal bulbs life span thread

I'm opening this thread so everyone who has replaced your original bulbs with led can give the following:
Bulb type front or rear with bulb number if you wish- date installed a close guess if too much booze fogs the memory- and date had to replace or started having issues.
This way we can give everyone an round about life span and some details about the product.
I am the type person who like to hold companies accountable for products they sale I'm in the orthodontic lab business if I sale a kid a retainer and it breaks due to poor craftsmanship it's all on me. Some companies talk a big talk but put trash out and then hide behine a corporate shield or LLC shield when people want answers. So the best way to defend the consumer is information through others.

So Ill throw out the first one

V L.E.D. -Front L.E.D. turn/running lights I used the 8000k white running and amber turn
Installed October 2010
All good so far plan on buying the rear bulbs next month. I do have hyper flash I like it myself it's different.

That stuff coming out of your HUGE chrome exhaust you have mounted at an angle isn't power..It's Rice!!!
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