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Re: Is it better to trade in or sell privately?

I have a very similar story. I, too, ended up trading in my 08 350z at Mazda for my 3. It was easy, no hassle, but definitely wouldn've recouped at least an extra 1000-2000 extra had I sold privately. The question hard do you wanna work for an extra 1-2k?

Quite true on this last comment -- my current '06 Mazda3 GT 5-door was what resulted from a trade-in of a '98 VW New Beetle TDI; it was a diesel which actually helped on the trade but not many folks drive a stick so would have been harder to sell privately. The kicker was that it was in pretty decent shape (the dealer was a VW/Mazda one so he had serviced it a few times) but they could tell it had some minor paint work done -- don't know what they ended up getting but was listed for $3K more than my trade value but with the big discount on the 3 and less sales tax paid I still came out at about what I wanted out-the-door. I've sold some other cars in the past that simply would not be traded in (both classics; a '55 Chevy and '74 Corvette convertible) and others that were simply cheap transportation (an '81 Corolla for $1,500 and '88 VW Fox for $4,000 at the time) but in both of these cases, the new car dealer offered 'token' trade in values ($250 for the Corolla and $900 for the Fox) as they were not interested so as always it depends on the situation but if I had to do it again would simply trade the car.
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