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Re: Any dealer tips/tricks to get the lowest price?

Magudaman hit it on the head; Their internet department has some serious price pushing abilities and you will not need to haggle at all once you get there.

I got my MZ3 GT 6 speed for 18,999. I think it came to 21,120 out the door. I "thought" invoice was 20K on this car. If I would've walked into the dealership and started negotiations, I would have never gotten close to 18,999.

#1: Request an online quote from 3 local dealers. I have spoken to 2 others who, between them, have bought 5 vehicles by getting online quotes. Once they had an online quote, they were not able to go a penny lower, no matter what tactic they used.

#2: NEVER discuss "what do you want your payments to be?" Guess what? If you say $350/month, the price of the car will make the payments come out to $355/month, and they'll drop their price to $350/month.

#3: Two things: Tell them think you are bringing cash. DO NOT tell them you own a Mazda. Why? If they think you are going to finance at 0%, or they KNOW you have a Mazda, they bump the price of the car up $500, and then magically give you your $500 for getting 0% financing, and $500 off for being a mazda loyal owner (Effectively stealing your rebate...).

#4: Don't be afraid to walk out, or tell them their price is too high.

#5: THE LINE: "Look, I am going to buy a car TODAY. I could buy it here, or I could go somewhere else. If you want to make this sale, ______"
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