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Grammar Nazis

Lately on this forum and a few other forums as well I have been reading a lot more of member's correcting grammar, spelling and the use of the English language . Generally in threads that things go less then positive among and between key responding members in which one or more members begins responding with correcting the use of grammar or spelling and are "off topic".

For some of you doing this and you know who you are, you might think you are funny, witty, cute, etc., but most of the time it is distracting from the original content of the thread, sometimes insulting as it is always intended for a targeted member and in some cases a way of making a personal attack on an individual. We all have made mistakes in this area of responding with proper writing skills and no one is above not ever making mistakes in grammar and spelling, sentence structure etc.
So perhaps think in the future before some of you go "off topic" in a thread and point out someones mistakes in their responses having to do how they write something in a response.

Here is an article I found that most fits how I feel about this topic.

My opinion on correcting grammar and spelling
My opinion on correcting grammar and spelling - Random - Fanpop
Grammar and spelling issues have been discussed several times and I just thought I would give my opinion on the subject. This article is mostly aimed for those who call themselves "Grammar Nazis", but I would be more than glad that everyone else reads it as well, including the "Grammar Nazis" that aren't overly critical. Before I go on, I will point out that my English may not be so good since it is not my first language and I'm not studying it, but I'm trying as hard as I can to improve it every day, so my apologies if anything I've said here isn't understandable.

So having good grammar and spelling is important, that's true, and you seem to like pointing that out, that's fine. But there seems to be a thin line between helping people with grammar/spelling issues and being a jerk about it, and may I point out, it is certainly not necessary to cross the line to being a jerk.

You may not like seeing badly written messages, articles or what have you. I understand that feeling as well, to be honest. But is it really necessary to express your feelings towards people about the subject with an "I know it all" and "you're a retard" kind of attitude? The answer is no, it is absolutely not necessary to disrespect other people simply because of their spelling and grammar. I know you have the right to disregard a comment, but don't you think that if you're disregarding a comment, you probably shouldn't say it to them?

I've read many good, meaningful comments and it's quite sad that no matter how good the comments are, there's always someone who feels like pointing out how bad their grammar/spelling issues are by saying "I was gonna read your comment but your retarded spelling just makes me want to rip my eyes out, so I'm disregarding it". Is that really necessary? Yes, that was actually a question. Well, is it?

I believe that instead of behaving that way, maybe we all should help those people improve and let them know in a mature way why it's important that they spell things correctly or help them improve their language since their language could simply not be English. Do you ever wonder if it's justified to treat them horribly and call them names just because of their bad grammar/spelling?

I thought of some reasons I suggest to consider every time you see badly written text:

.The person's language could possibly not be the one they're currently speaking, remember not everyone speaks your language.

.The person could be dyslexic or have other learning issues. You don't choose to have those issues, you know? People don't deserve so much disrespect for having something they didn't choose to have.

.It's possible the person hasn't gotten any sort of education in grammar/spelling, and you shouldn't always jump to the conclusion that that's their fault either.

I consider the possibility that some of you have thought about this, so this is more specifically for those who haven't. Why not just read something and not point out how badly written it is as long as it's understandable? I have to know what makes you think it's okay to be rude at people over things like this. You may say it can make people understand, even in a hard way, but I have to ask something: why?

Why waste an opportunity to share your knowledge, which is one of the best things to do, to insult those who don't know, to make them feel bad for making a mistake and to think you're so "cool" for doing so? Why? Sharing such an important and good kind of knowledge like this one is something I would enjoy doing, and why shouldn't I?

Do you know what it means to be able to teach other people useful things that will help them for the rest of their lives? It's actually a joyful thing to do in my opinion. I understand sometimes your patience can run out, especially because there will always be that person who will think you're just bothering them and not care, but being a jerk won't help, it won't help with anything including your patience.

I had written this article earlier and now I have decided to improve it, and I really hope this will inspire others to want to help and not simply disrespect. I too don't like it when I see text written "liek tHiz", but the difference is that I don't point it out by calling them retards, which I don't even believe to be an insult in the first place. This is not me trying to say I'm better than you, this is me giving an example of what's uncalled for and what isn't.

I hope this hasn't offended anyone, it has definitely not been my intention. Let's just try to help people and let them know that they can improve their knowledge if they want to. Let's let people know that knowledge is important and it should always be something to have in their priorities.
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