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Re: Autocross FAQ

am I at a disadvantage when going head to head with my friend
who drives a Mazdaspeed Miata?

I'm getting feedback that says the Miata is one of the faster cars in AutoX,
due to it's light weight, RWD and good balance.
The Mazdaspeed version of it should do really well, no?

(You would think/hope that all those ponies under our MS3 hood would give us a leg up!)

I was hoping that I could somehow sneak into a "stock" class if my car was not modified after leaving the dealership.
(Read: dealer installed MS-CAI, MS-CBE, MS-coil_over suspension, MS forged wheels)
I guess that's not the case?

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Done: MS Forged wheels (BLMS-8M-Z01) + MS Coil-Over Suspension (RAMS-8M-L10) + MS Rear Camber Links (GRMS-8M-L07) + MS CBE (GRMS-8M-L26)
Next: + MS CAI (GRMS-8M-L29 ?), . . . some kind of BlueTooth device
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