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Re: High Mileage Thread

I'm currently at 29K and have had very minimal problems so far. I was the only person who ever test drove the car at the dealership (2.3S) and babied the car for the first 5K or so. I was noticing some rear brake grinding so I printed off the TSB and brought the car in (I find when you do that it's pretty hard for them to say that they've never heard of that fix or whatnot) and had that taken care of. I've also experienced some interior annoyances due to rattle issues that alot of people are having and had the TSB done for the rear package lid which pretty much took care of the problem(intermittent rattle remains when cold).

I'm very happy with this car, and I think some people forget that this is still a very young model for Mazda. My wife has the 05 Cobalt and let me tell you about problems.... The interior is completely falling apart after 30k, and the engine has now started to make some pretty strange noises. I'd be very surprised if the car makes 80k, miracle if it makes 100k.

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