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Re: Cold weather performance

Last week it poured rain, then froze overnight. Both our new Mazdas' power locks froze, but it turned out that it was the solenoid connection to the drivers door key locks. Using the key instead of the fob button had the doors unlocked the first try, no unnecessary force required on the key, then all the locks released normally. That was the only time it's happened. That day, the windows also froze to the rubber wipes (against the glass at the base of the windows). A little sunshine on the black rubber and they let go.

Defrosters are working well so far, but this winter hasn't presented very severe ice here in CT.

I also drive an old Corvette, a plastic car that hates winter cold. Since plastic's a liquid, common sense tells me never to kick it when frozen. That seems 1 degree past so lazy you just leave it there (sorry). Maybe that's what happened, it was left there to freeze. I bet the 5's bumper cover holds a lot more snow than a Honda, so considerably more weight. I'd suggest cleaning the snow out instead of kicking.

Overall, both the 3 and 5 have been very good in the cold we've had.
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