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Cold weather performance

We're considering purchasing a Mazda5 after viewing one today, however have been put off by one very negative consumer review about how it does in cold weather (writer was Canadian). We're in Minnesota, so this is a bit of a concern for us. We've owned Hondas and never before considered a Mazda.

Anyone out there in who's owned this through the winter and can comment on how the 5, and Mazdas in general, perform in very cold weather? The main complaints in the review we saw were:
1) door locks froze a lot
2) had the car running & defrosting for 15 minutes and still had to scrape ice off the interior windows (!)
3) rear bumper fell off after kicking snow off the rear wheel well (while it might have been a very forceful kick, I do this all the time to my Honda and it's never an issue! )

I have never had problems like this with my Hondas in MN, Chicago, and Cleveland through some very cold winters. Any Canadian or Northern US owners out there that can offer some perspective?
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