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Re: Coupon Combinations...

The ACOG ran in Plum Magazine. I don't recall seeing any expiration on the advert itself, however, you also need the corresponding email from Mazda with a certificate number on it to be fully able to take advantage of the offer (though the experience seems to vary dealer by dealer). If there is any, the "expiration" is might be that after that date, Mazda will no longer email certificates. On the off chance that I would be able to get my hands on/use the ACOG advert, I did the request on the Mazda site for both that and Gerber. I did not get either. However, not being one to take chances, I also applied for Gerber as my husband, and he was the one to actually receive the Gerber certificate!

I think short of buying Plum on eBay (and I'd check with Mazda to see if you could benefit before spending any $$ on it), you will probably only find that magazine through a friend or possibly someone's OBGYN. I had considered calling mine, but as I did not receive the certificate, it would have been, in theory, pointless (for me).

The Gerber can be combined with any public offer (which is why Zoom Zoom is ok- you just have to attend, or know someone who attended, their Zoom Zoom live event, and all you need to do to attend one is say you want to). The ACOG (and possibly Gerber) are probably private marketing tools, or at least restrictive.

If you really need to know in advance however, you can email Mazda. They responded (to me at least) within 24 hours. See the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the MazdaUsa web page. I did for ZZ & Gerber because I didn't want my dealer to be uninformed or misinformed and deny my a rebate I could use. (All marketing tools can be like that- sometimes the field/street company employees are the last to know!)

And everyone remember something- if "the rules of use" are published on a coupon, those are generally the rules to use it. Some dealers might try to say "oh, you need x or y with that." If it doesn't say that clearly on the coupon, they have to honor it as printed (though most coupons will have some sort of right of refusal disclaimer, but I've not seen that on these coupons). You might have to get the email from Mazda telling them to honor it as printed, which is why it is handy to have that all in advance.

Generally, the dealers seem pretty accommodating because they want to sell cars and because the don't lose out on these rebates/cash back offers/discounts.

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