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Trade-In Value

I've only had my 3 for about a month and made my first payment recently. I'm already thinking about trade in value. I'm thinking about getting a Mazdaspeed when they are available but don't want to be upside down on my trade. I have about $2000 available for wheels and upgrades to my new 3 but I'm thinking about sending extra payments to get my balance down.

1. How do extra payments work? If you send extra on every payment, does the extra go towards the principal or are you paid in full for the next X amount of months?

2. How much do you think the balance remaining on a loan would be to come out even or ahead on a trade in, even if it's a year from now?

3. Any predictions on what a MS3 will cost?

I know it's a lot of questions, thanks for your time.

2004 Mazda3 S Sedan Black Mica AT
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