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Leasing: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons to leasing?

Well, with leasing you will need to get full coverage insurance since the car doesn't actually belong to you. Leasing will give you lower payments, though I'm not sure how much lower. The total you will be charged for leasing is the deprecation value of the car for the amount of time you lease and any leasing fees, taxes, titles, registration, etc. Warranty should be the same.

Financing means they will charge you for the total retail amount of the car in the given time frame. You will also be charged a financing fee. Taxes, titles and registration as well. Insurance can be somewhat less since the car's title now belongs to you.

Anyone else feel free to add (or correct) this!

If you're looking for positives and negatives about the MZ3 itself, the forums very well developed in almost any topic from the engine to the fog lights.

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