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Will Financing Prices Drop? Is this price good?

Not positive, but I believe if the car is coming off of the boat with your name on it, you would need at least a deposit, i don't know about 10 g's though. The down payment just needs to be paid when you get the keys. As far as financing, I'm not too sure. My dealer told me that the financing applies to when you take posession of the car and do the paperwork. I had asked him abou buying a car that was coming off of the boat and he said that the financing now would not apply then. I don't know how much truth is in this. I would look further into that. The best thing to do would be talk to a dealer and see what they need and when. If you run your paperwork now, and pick the car up when it gets here, then you should get the current incentives, plus you would put down the 10k now. I personally think you should only put down 5k, that way you can give the other 5k to me.

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