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Help: L.A. Price Needed (HB w/Sport+Monroof)

WOW, $26000? that about $5000 more then it would go for here in minnesota. go to and check invoice price and the commen price for your area. if its still $26,000 buy a ticket to another state and save your self $5grand if not more. for the package you want shouldnt be more the $19,000 and change
Originally Posted by "funkyfreshmonke"
hahahhaa GALPIN IS MINE buddy! hahaha....jk....but i believe you can check galpin's online gettin a sedan so im not sure what price u can nego....but i know galpin is offering some pretty swete hatchbacks for i believe 26###? around that price...try to haggle it down to maybe 23 or 24? thats what we're going to try to do when we purcahse.....maybe lower though..

i want my zoom zoom zoom mazda3s
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