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Originally Posted by Birchtree View Post
If the original motor mounts are still in the car, they're probably broken or close if >10 years old or so.

All three mounts stabilize the motor and reduce its movement within the engine bay, but I believe having a firmer rear motor mount makes the biggest difference (if the other two are decent)
Most of the effect will be felt if drive a manual because if the engine is held solid it'll be less prone to lurching.

"testing" is limited to trying to move in 1st/R while holding the brake and seeing how much the engine rotates in the bay. Other than that, just lifting the load off and checking to see if it's broken/separated

Interesting, that's one of the things I've been wondering about. Sometimes when I roll off in 1st, the car will start lurching. And when I'm on the highway the car will vibrate pretty hard. Might have to check it out soon, thanks man
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