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My boyfriend and I are in the process of changing my dash lights. And by in the process I mean doing a whole lot of thinking and researching. We did take my lcd apart to get to the leds, which are so old and out of date they're comical, and we followed one of these tutorials to do it. Those old pics definitely would have made things a bit clearer for us. The step that was the most confusing was the one where you separate the lcd screen from the circuit board. We eventually figured it out and got the pieces separated. The look of the leds was such a shock that I was convinced we had the wrong kind of replacements, so I wouldn't let him finish it. Its been in a bag in my trunk for like a month now, lol. I think I will go ahead with the plan and solder them in tonight. If you have any questions about the lcd part you're welcome to ask. That's as far as we've gotten though, lol.

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