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Update: went and looked at it today, and while it looked pretty good, it wasnt as nice as the pics indicated.

Issues off the bat were mainly cosmetic

rear 3rd brake light lens busted
every door handle was loose, even worse the passenger side was just super loose (like there's some return spring on it that was way worn down)

heavy scratches on the hood
headliner was pretty filthy
carpet had holes in it
split in dash (looks like it was designed to be that way, but due to age was curling)
some type of water damage in the radio display
Jinky steering wheel cover to hide how worn out the steering wheel was
shifter knob worn to where it's basically clear/white plastic

Not sure the door locks worked 100%

overall fit and finish was bad, like it's just been heavily used so everything creaked/rattled when touched

As far as engine
it seemed fine, but had a little random rough idle when sitting at a light, not constant but would every now and then would "hiccup"
wheel bearing or brakes squeaking when driving (brakes as would stop when applying the brakes).

pointed out some of the stuff to him, but most importantly mentioned the engine part to his response "yeah probably an engine mount" but didnt offer to fix it....

I told him "I liked the car but for all the issues I see that I'll have to repair/replace on top of the high mileage 4k was a bit too high." He sat there and stared at me and offered nothing less, so I simply handed him the keys and said "thanks, but I'm going to have to pass".

And I bounced.

I will also add that Ive found others sold by individuals that are 5yrs newer, have half the mileage that this one does and look well maintained for less money....but automatics. I'll keep looking till I find what I want.

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