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Originally Posted by iluvmud View Post
Oh sorry, Im in Tx. and I like the car... i guess only concern would be the 236,000 miles it has on it.... as dependability of the engine.
See if you can pull the plugs and check for oil on them. I've posted on here (many times) about the valve cover gasket having been redesigned. A sign of the OE gasket is oil on the plugs, burning oil, etc. I caught it in time on my car, but many people here ended up replacing their engines due to the oil consumption issue. The 2.3L engines seems to suffer the largest failure rate. There are many threads which detail swapping to a 2.5L engine. Rear trailing arm bushings is another.

Overall, check the NADA on that car as the price seems steep. I have 185K miles on my car and will drive it until it can no longer roll. I still have the 2.3L engine in it, replaced the rear trailing arm bushing, and have even had the transmission rebuilt. Love driving the piss out of that little car and will upgrade the engine if I have to do so.

Other than the price, I don't think you can go wrong on that one. If you don't mind working on it, which it doesn't appear it will need mechanical attention, I'd be all over that thing like white on rice.

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