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Originally Posted by shipo View Post
I'm wondering if the oil cap failure was a symptom and not the actual cause. Just thinking theoretically here, if the PCV became completely clogged, crank case pressure from blowby gasses will seek an alternate route to exit the engine and find the weakest point.
Not sure where the PCV is, but if someone gives me some guidance, I can check it. When I blew air into the dipstick to find the source of oil loss, I had to plug the hose that came out of the back corner of valve cover and into the air intake, otherwise I could not get any pressure into the engine. Is that what you mean?

Originally Posted by Bill View Post
Wow, sorry. I guess itís time to start looking for an OG 2.3. Hope you get it taken care of.
Excuse my ignorance (I'm new to the Mazda world), but what is OG (I saw that stated in several threads but can't figure out what it stands for).

Appreciate the lead on possible donor sources!
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