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Oil filter cap failure leads to seized engine

Short Story -> Plastic engine parts really suck! Failure of plastic oil filter cap leads to seized engine.

Long Story: 2009 Hatch Sport Manual with 2.3L NA (non turbo) and 140K miles on it. Wife starts car in the morning and drives off. Get a call 10 mins later that she pulled over due to instrument cluster lighting up like an Xmas tree and engine feeling funny. Get there, oil all over the engine and engine won't crank over. As I drive home to pickup items to tow the car, I notice an oil slick near my house. Appears like the all the oil squirted out in about a 1000 yard distance. I guess she did not see the oil pressure light until it was too late (I'm surprised there is no buzzer like in the old cars of the 80's/90's).

I was looking for the source of failure for over an hour and could not find it. I eventually pumped up my air compressor and started to blow air through the dip stick (had to plug up a few holes first, like the breather hose going to intake). I was shocked to see the failure on the engine oil filter cap. See picture (at bottom near my fingers, a hairline crack). No signs of issues leading up to this. My driveway was dry. This hairline failure was a sudden occurrence. I did an oil and filter change about 2 months prior (not like the day before the fail).

Anyone else hear of such a failure - I did not come across this in over 20 years of being around various cars.

Well, now I need a new engine I'd like to go the ford fusion 2.5L route but the various threads I have been reading are a little over my head in terms of the tech details and the needed modifications. I hope that this forum can help me out...

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