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2007 Speed3 with 105k Miles... VVT is Bad

I am terribly sorry if I break any formatting rules or anything on accident but this is my first post on these forums!

Anyways I'm looking to join the Mazdaspeed3 community! I'm currently talking to this guy on Craigslist who has a 2007 Speed3 with 105k miles, but the VVT Actuator and timing belt and all that goodness needs to be replaced. He's asking $6,500, I was straightforward with him and told him highest I'd go is $5,300 because the VVT is a costly repair. He said that's a fine price and we can work with that. Other than that the car looks to be great, very clean, complete and very detailed maintenance records, new clutch, flywheel, and master cylinder at 83k thousand miles (confirmed by records) with new rear shocks last week (also confirmed). Main problem is that VVT, the chain rattle isn't bad yet, the car is still very driveable and it hasn't jumped timing as far as I can tell. Transmission seems fine although I didn't want to hammer on it with the failing timing belt. Turbo seals are fine, no smoke, no weird smells under boost, and he says when he got the clutch work done that the mechanic inspected the turbo seals as well although I have no confirmation of this. I'm willing to do the work myself, I'm fairly mechanically inclined I think.

Would this be a good buy? What else should I look for in the car? Thanks in advance to anyone with input!
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