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I have sold quite a few cars on craigslist, marketplace. I have a method that I use that has worked for me. If someone wants to look at the car I am selling I make sure that I specify time and location. In the add I tell them that I will wait X amount of minutes (usually 10) after the meeting time and if they are not there I scoot. It's my time they are wasting. This weeds out the tire kicking weirdos out there. It's amazing how many people say "I want to take a look" and then never do. What's nice about facebook marketplace is it has a review section now. You can say how "un-reliable or reliable" the person was. Kind of fun. I've had someone get mad because I reviewed them. I put a screen-shot of the conversation up so the admin could see what this douche canoe was doing. Got em booted out of the marketplace. It's a sellers market for autos every day. Location is not a limiting factor that much. All depends on where you try to reach.
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