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Originally Posted by oOSaraOo View Post
Wait, hold on, did you just blindly send $7,500 to a dark web without doing proper research? Of course you got scammed, only few of those sites are legitimate if you know who to ask, or where to look. What exactly were you trying to buy if I may ask? Can you post the link?
its all good... wasn't a scam after all, I got what I bought like 5 days after starting this thread... didn't want to update the post due to the legality of what I bought lol. its this link on tor bewk7dqzqfk5mhvn.onion

Originally Posted by GerryBuc View Post
The OP hasn't been active since 9/23. I think the dark web people may have gotten him...

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lol no, was trying to make sure shit were working first before I start running my mouth off
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