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Originally Posted by theblooms View Post
I'll never understand why people trade in vehicles instead of just selling it themselves. Selling a car is super simple, what with the advent of Craigslist and Facebook marketplace.

In the last 3 years, I've sold 2 cars, for cash, all of which I got a fair price for, and were gone in under a week.
It highly depends on the situation. For instance, in my area if you are selling a newer car and asking over $15K it's going to take some time to sell where as a $3K car will sell much faster. There is also the situation where the car looks nice but it's money pit and needs a lot of work, like it's using 1qt oil every 1K miles, needs cats, etc. where it's better to just dump it as a trade where they won't ask questions rather than having to describe these defects in an ad only to get lowballed on your already lowered price because of them or lying through your teeth and hoping the buyer doesn't take you to court when he figures out he's been had.

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