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Eonon GA9351 Help

Hey everyone!

I have two questions regarding the Eonon GA9351 head unit and A0585 dongle in my 2009 Mazda 3:

1. Has anyone had any issues with the USB periodically not working? Some days, I'll plug my USB and phone into the system and it doesn't recognize either.

2. When the USB does work, I am having issues with the CarPlay integration . I orginally had the Autokit APK, which worked fine minus the issue described in question 1, but then Eonon customer support directed me to download the EPlay application. When I plug in my dongle, it gives me the error, "The product is not authorized. Please contact the dealer." Is there another application that works better or some sort of firmware update I need to make it work?

Has anyone had either of these issues with this head unit or previous ones? Thanks in advance!

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