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Odd Passenger Tail Light Behavior

A while back, I broke the socket for the passenger tail lamp of my MZ3. I was able to glue it for a repair; however, I used too much adhesive which resulted in a permanent bond with the bulb. An additional problem is the tail lamp filament was burned out.

I was finally able to purchase a new socket and also replacement tail lamp bulbs (I opted for Phillips 7743LL). Now, when the socket is properly inserted and fully locked, the tail lamp does not illuminate. When the socket is removed from the housing, the bulb operates properly. I've inspected the wiring as best I can, since it's all in a cramped area, and can find no sign of damage to the insulation.

When inserted the socket while the bulb is illuminated, the bulb remains illuminated until fully rotated to the locked position. It is at that point the bulb extinguishes. I've fiddled with the wires in an effort to see if there is an internal break, but nothing.

Any ideas?

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