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Rear Brake Wear issues 2016 Mazda 3

A couple years ago when the car had about 30k miles on it, I brought it in for the rear brake/emergency brake issue. The pads on the rear where almost gone which means I had a problem. They put new pads and calipers on it and now at 60k miles I am still having the same issue. They want to charge me $120 to diagnose the issue that should be covered under the same recall as before. I already diagnosed it for them. The rotors are starting to show signs of wear as well. The front brakes are about half way through their life with about 1/4" of pad left. These have 60k miles on them. The rear ones have less than 1/8" on them with half the mileage. Every car I have ever had went through 2 or three sets of brakes on the front before the back ones needed replacing. This car is the opposite. I mean Mazda has been making cars for a long time and they can't design a rear caliper that releases properly? So the question is to I make them deal with the problem or do I just get some aftermarket calipers and fix it myself. Problem is they will most likely have the same issues as the original calipers because they will most likely be rebuilts of OEM.

Any ideas here folks?

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