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OEM radio AUX input question

I bought an '09 Mazda3 S hatchback 2 days ago,with an OEM radio. In 2 other vehicles I have owned, I was able to put music on a USB thumb drive, plug it into the radio, and play music from my home collection through the vehicle radio.

My Mazda3 has a 3.5mm input jack in the center console. I know I can plug in a music player to that, and it will pipe the music through the car radio.

My question is: Can I get a USB to 3.5mm audio plug adapter, and play my music from a thumb drive, through the car radio? Or does the AUX input require a music player on the input end (like a phone or MP3 player)? In other words: Can the OEM car radio actually just grab MP3 songs off of a thumb drive?

My owner's manual doesn't really specify anything other than plugging in a music player to the AUX input. I just wanted to check and see if anyone else has gone through this, before I possibly waste money on an adapter that won't help me.

I do not want to plug in my phone or have to screw around with plugging in / unplugging cords, etc. I want to just plug in a USB thumb drive and leave it there, switching from radio station songs to my personal music collection with the buttons on the radio face. I can do that on my other vehicles.

Sorry for my long post (very first post here). I was just trying to include enough information to explain my situation and question adequately.

2012 Mazda3 hatchback 2.0 Skyactiv 6-spd auto
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