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Originally Posted by kreimo16 View Post
Iíve ordered a new clip from Parks Geek. Should arrive today. Iíll let yíall know if this solves my issue
It won't. While the oil pressure switch wiring should be fixed it isn't the source of your problem. The issue is most likely one of four things: A bad starter, a bad battery, a bad connection at or between the starter and battery, or a bad engine ground. As theblooms said, a parasitic draw could also be part of the problem but it wouldn't be bad enough that your freshly charged battery wouldn't be able to start the car after just putting it in. If it was then you would have a huge spark when hooking it up and the wire sheathing on the battery cables would start to melt. Barrow a known good battery from another car or buy a new one from a place that will allow you to return it if it isn't the problem (Walmart) and see if it starts.
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