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Originally Posted by shipo View Post
Yes, there is a fix and the 2.5 liter Ford Duratec engines (and the few 2.5 liter non-SkyActiv Mazda engines as well) had those fixes built into the motor; the 2.3 is not so endowed and cannot be retrofitted.

BTW, the issue does not seem to affect the 2.0 liter engines in the Mazda3, just the 2.3 liter mills.
Is that something you know from personal experience? I too have never seen the 2.0L engines have these issues, but I have not been prowling on the 3 forums.

If I may add, seems like this also boils down to maintenance as well. From what I gathered, people who tend to care of their cars while they are still low mileage tend to not see this issue.

My moms 06 3 w/ the 2.3 has 287k and has been consuming oil like a pig since 240k when we got it. Also, the oil gets black after 500km after an oil change and smells pungent (aggressive) when i pull the dipstick... very peculiar. But I can tell that the previous owners of that car did not care for it.

My 06 3 has gone many more kms and consumes no oil. In fact, between oil changes the oil stays a clean color and smells fresh.

One clue i have found is that my moms intake is covered in fresh oil all the time, mine is dry. I have cleaned the throttle bodies multiple times and is something to take away.
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