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So I ended up going to the same ride height all around (raised the front up 1/4") and upping the front rates to 16k (rears still 18k). This made the car ride better overall and gave a less pogo stick feeling over small quick undulations on the road. I may go down on the rear to 16k and see how that does. Overall it's been driving good. As for tires, I still like the Kumho for the price...however, the lower pressures didn't do much for wear. I ruined my fronts in about 30-40 runs (30psi 255 on a 9" wheel). So I'd say give up the 1/2 second and run them at 36 hot and they seem to last ok. Now onto the next adventure...

COTA one day Track Day!!! Yes finally I got to run at COTA with the BMW club. Yes it was fun and hot and VERY taxing on the car. The list of failed parts is as follows:
- both lower ball joints now have 1/2" movement and won't hold an alignment
- destroyed my crappy Hawk DTC-60 pads
- cracked the LF G-Loc G16 compound (awesome pads by the way) pads.
- melted the LF dust boot off the car. Seems like a possible caliper issue.
- Melted the paint on the front wheels and melted the harness for both wheel speed sensors. 1200+ degree rotor temps will do this I guess...time for ducting?
- broke the right side downpipe exhaust hanger off.
- ruined the RF fender liner. apparently the air got behind it and it was dragging.
- popped the LR bumper off the car. the LR tire rubbing on the fender liner will do this since the liner is part of the bumper mounts. trimming and rivets to come. this parachute drops my back straight speed by about 12mph too. I found.

I think that's it. BUT the car was great for what it was. Had some fun keeping pace with brand new GT3 and GT4 Porsches on Hoosiers in the twisty stuff and was only about 6-7sec a lap off them. Not awesome drivers, but not bad...a good above average group I"d guess. Still fun.

Next up is fixing the car. Getting the PD tune on it and trying MSR-Houston in the fall with some of my track time.

Then (optimistically) a back to back with my turbo miata project at MSR-H in the winter.

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