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Default Airbag control module replacement

I bought a 2005 Mazda 3 and the drivers side airbag was deployed. I replaced the airbag and drivers side seat belt but the air bag light is still on solid. I put it on a scanner and I am getting codes B2234 and B1934.
B1934 Air Bag Driver Inflator Circuit Resistance Low on Squib
B2234 Air Bag Driver Inflator Circuit Resistance Low on Squib - Loop #2

Any ideas, I was thinking that the Air bag control module needs to be replaced. I have one but I am not sure where this module is located. I have read to replace it you need to disconnect the battery and replace but I cannot find a picture or a description of the location to actually replace it.

PLease Help!
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Default Re: Airbag control module replacement

its located in the center console near the base of the hand brake. 

edit: take a look at the link. it also says that the crash zone sensor must be replaced when the airbags are deployed.
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Default Re: Airbag control module replacement

Did you ever get this fixed? I think I'm going through the same problem. I just ordered a new airbag control module from I just hope it works when I install it. I don't want to go back to the dealer and spend time over there getting it coded.
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Default Re: Airbag control module replacement

You do not need to waste money replacing the Airbag module. You need to reset it. Do not go ask in the Dealer as they will tell you that this is impossible. All they want is your money.

The Airbag module is located underneath the center console. It hilariously easy to take it off. Whatever you do you always have the battery disconnected! Do not know how to stress that enough! Make sure that you have connected the Crash Sensor in the front of the vehicle before dealing with the Airbag Module. Airbags must be replaced! If not, even though the Airbag Module has been reset your light will not disappear.
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Default Re: Airbag control module replacement

I am in the body shop buissness and I have repaired many cars with this problem. When ever a airbag is deployed the crash module must be replaced or reset. The module stores a code on impact and it is a hard code so after you replace the airbags it still shows hard code impact. I have had to never replace the front sensor unless it had taken a direct hit. There are some people on e-bay that reset these modules and if you would like someone I use e-mail me off forum. Also be real careful when you plug in the new airbags. Make sure they are connected, with the plastic ends being not melted from the deloyed bags. If they are melted then get new ends and replace them. You can get the ends on e-bay or buy a used/new clock spring. I have never had one that didn't work after I repaired it. Good luck.
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