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Default NEXEN tires review.. whats good whats bad

So i notice most people on this forum tend to go with the same tires. But not everyone feels like spending $600 for something that will wear out a year later and need to be replaced.

So i thought i'd write my own little review on the NEXEN N5000's.

Overview, IMO there isnt a better tire in its class, often overlooked for its korean name, nexen actually works alongside michellin on some of their tires. in other words, the quality is there. The curbrash protector is an amazing feature that most tires under/around $100 dont have, and both dry and wet traction are great for DD. Their lifespan is good and if your looking for a quality tire, at an affordable price, i would highly recommend these. My father had 2 pairs of kumho's on his minivan he absolutely hated, they were noisy, clumsy and wore unevenly, even with an alignment. he has since switched over to a set of nexens, and has never complained of his tires again.

Unique Features- Ill start off with my favorite feature on this tire. The curbrash protector, i see very very few affordable tires with this feature, and honestly it works. i have had my 18" enkeis on my car for over 50,000 miles and i have 0 curbrash on any wheel. When i had my oem wheels on my RSA's i curbed every wheel (even if only slightly) in 10000 miles.. Of course you can drive around testing these things, its only rubber that protrudes about 2-3mm beyond where the edge of your lip sits, but it is VERY VERY effective IMO.

Price- when bought my first set 1.5 years ago, these tires ran me 75 a piece.. honestly thats why i decided to try them out, little did i know these were great tires.

Stickyness- now these arent the stickiest tires in the entire world.. but they do the trick for me honestly. If your into autoX every weekend, they probably arent for you. But if your 3 is a daily driver, and you like the occasional spirited drive, they do the trick damn well..

Wet Traction- I can only remember losing traction once on these tires, but it was raining sheets, and i was merging on the highway when someone didnt let me merge so i had to avoid the accident. regardless, they gripped right back up and nothing happened. i would agree that there are probably better wet traction tires out there, but nothing that you would feel in your DD, this does the trick.

Lifespan- These tires are rated around 60,000 miles if im correct. personally i got a bit less out of them considering i have a 2 hour commute every weekend, and tend to corner hard whenever possible. I honestly dont have very many complaints though, Im on my second set!!

Ride quality- I have nothing bad to say about them.. my 225/40/18R arent harsh, but they arent "marshmallow highway" soft either. For some spirited driving, i believe they are perfect. I am on an eibach prokit, so the ride can be a bit harsh, but thats mostly due to the prokit and i dont believe the tires are to blame at all.

Roadnoise- They arent the quietest tires on the road, but honestly unless you have your windows rolled up and the radio completely turned off you will barely hear them, if at all. I have had a set of kumho's on a previous car that i absolutely hated, i also had a few falkens that made my old car (for focus) feel like a tractor for the horrible noise they made. They fels like they were made of plastic, but on these nexen's i have no complaints and they are years ahead of the other "bargain tires" ive tested out.

Reliability- I have never had a problem with these. i had one tire go bad from a massive nail in it, which i let sit overnight and it bubbled. So i got a replacement and never had a problem again.

Conclusion- Unless you are into autocross/racing every single weekend, youll love these tires, the quality/price is unmatched IMO. I can almost guarantee that if you give them a shot next time you need some tires and are on a budget, you wont be disapointed. When i first bought these nexens, they ran 72-75 a piece on average, now i have a hard time finding them under 100. after some shopping around i got them for 89.99 a piece. the raising price tag suggests that people are starting to catch on IMO, because they perform like more expensive tires.

disclaimer- Im obviously not responsible for anything that happens to anyone on these tires. Nor am i responsible for anyones results/opinions on these. Results vary from person to person,

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